The Operations Director

The operations director brings in a wealth of experience spanning for over 14years in the field of customs clearing, declaration and freight forwarding.

He upholds integrity and believes in efficiency in service delivery, an etiquette that has seen him rise through the ranks from an internship at his first employment to an operations supervisor ,then now a director.



He boasts of  an accredited certificate from Kenya revenue Authority training school of revenue administration  (KESRA) majoring in :

  • customs tariff nomenclature
  • customs in international context,
  • wto customs valuation,
  • customs clearance procedures, freight forwarding,
  • port operations
  • customer care principles


Certified by kenya national electronic single window  (kentrade network) involving processing of processing of consignment notes, national payment gateway(npg),security bonds.

Certificate by JICA/KIFWA/KRA  on Customs valuation and nomenclature.

Diploma in Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding and Warehousing majoring in:

  • Shipping economics
  • Shipping practices
  • marine law
  • Customs declaration
  • Clearing and forwarding


  • 3 years as OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR in charge of  supervision of  customs declarations –imports and transit  , Idf applications ,cargo clearance and customer care.
  • 4 months as a declaration supervisor overseeing all customs declarations .
  • 5 years As Operations  manager  overseeing customs declarations , cargo clearance  and customer service
  • 3  years as a Declarations  Officer  responsible for import and exports customs processing
  • 6 years at as an Intern/Industrial Attachment /First employment